So Monday, when I get home from work, my guy says he has an idea.
Let me back up a tad.
A while back, my guy had a funky blog/website called Thing Of The Day. He put a lot of work into it, and did it every single day, so he got kinda burnt out on it. I've encouraged him to restart it, because he is a very good writer, and very funny. (And gals, be honest, don't we all know that a guy that makes us laugh is extreemly sexy?) Plus, it was a good project for him. I have my beads, now I have my looming, I have clay, and my retro craft project, and photographing everything, and too many other things I want to try. I have plenty of projects, the website was a good project for him.
Ok, back to Monday. And his idea. He wants to start up the TOTD again, but with a twist: we'll BOTH do it! We'll make it a contest! We each have to post one "thing" every day, first one out looses. And we can make a bet on it! Great idea. Except, I already have all these OTHER projects! I thought. But my "thing" can be one of my projects, or a part of a bigger project. And I could do a comic or a photograph, something not as time consuming. I do really need to have some smaller projects, to suppliment the big projects, all in different stages of being done, a finished project really gives a sence of accomplishment, and with only big projects, I don't get that as often.
We're still working out the rules and what exactly constitutes a "thing", but it's mainly bringing an idea to fruition. And I'll keep you posted where and when we're starting, as soon as we get it all figured out.
So Tuesday, I get to work, and I have a few ideas going around in my head, and I rip off the Monday page of my page-a-day calendar, and notice the quote, the quote from the day he told me the idea, from Maya Angelou: "Nothing will work unless you do." I thought the quote was very fitting, and thought the page might be just the place to jot down a few ideas I could use in our little contest. And that is what turned into that little piece of artwork you see here.

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