Fan Pull: Stages of Fringe

The beading on the body of the fan pull was spiraled from top to bottom. Luckily, the end of the spiral worked just fine, I was afraid it would be off-center or something. So after I decided on what style of fringe I wanted to use, I needed to decide about length. I decided that I didn't want just one little tuft of fringe, so I decided I would make two-four layers, getting shorter each time.
I started with the very last bead on the body, the very inside bead, did the longest of the fringe, and went around the spiral, until I had basically gone around one time. On the first row, it was five, which was perfect to me, as I love using odd numbers, and I love using Fibonacci numbers, so 5 is golden to me.
I kept going around the spiral, making a row of shorter (by one bugle set), until the second row went all the way around. Top photo is second row finished. At two rows around I decided I did need a third, and made it shorter (again by one bugle set), but three was enough. Bottom photo is third row almost finished.

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