Blinders: New Name

The blinders project, which started as one of my 'finishing things' projects, is now becoming an experiment in free-form bead embroidery. The origional two parts were representations of the sun and moon, and the sun had already started to turn into a sunflower. So I decided to go more with the flower theme, and found a few flower shaped Czech beads I hadn't found a use for.
The design was created as bead met needle. Now, I've done the draw-something-and-see-what-it-turns-into art form with colored pencil, watercolor, and (back in college) oil. But I've never applied that same random technique to beading. I usually work with gourd (peyote) stitch, which has to be very precice, and that's part of it's beauty. But I'm really grooving on this style of not knowing what it's going to eventually look like. I just have to remember to trust my instinct of stopping when it's done, and not let it get too busy.
And as I've been working on it, a title for this piece has come to mind: Field of Dreams.

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