Paint Yourself Silly Again

Tonight, for an early celebration of my birthday, I asked some friends to meet me at Paint Yourself Silly, the local ceramic painting fun house. I really enjoy going there, this is my fourth time, though I just realized that I've only shared the photos from the first session, I'll have to get on that. Painting ceramics is very cool because you have to really let go of perfectionism, at least I do. It's hard-to-impossible to imagine exactly what it will look like when finished, since the paint doesn't look anything like what the finished product will look like. Of course, there are tiles painted with each color, so you can see what they might look like, see what shade they will be. But depending on how many coats you give it, how your brush strokes are, and whether or not you have other colors blending with it, the colors will look very different. You kind of have to just trust that it will look ok. And I've never seen a finished project that didn't look good, even very blended colors look cool when you think they might turn out muddy. I also really love helping to coax the creativity that I truly believe we all have out of people who think they are not creative. This is a great venue to help people see their inner creativity. The fact that you only have to spend a little (we each spent around or less than $20) to make something beautiful is great. You don't have to buy your own kiln, and all the paints, and everything. And we each made something useful, which I think is cool, so every time we use the item, we'll remember the fun evening, and remember that we all can be creative!

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Anonymous said...

i had a great time and we will have to do it again....for sure!!! I already know what i want to do!