Finishing Things

I've been on a kick to finish old projects, and some have been so old they lost their focus, ie, I didn't know what they started out meaning to be. I recently looked closer at what I thought was a tangled 3-D beading project gone awry, to discover this. And it wasn't a tangled mess at all! I like these colors, so what should I do with it? Can't really 'finish' it, since I don't know what it was supposed to be. ;p
Since I found it in with some of my beading supplies I had at work, and since I had just listened to a podcast all about crafting your workspace, the perfect idea hit me: It's a decoration for my work pen!
I love the different beaded pens people make, but at work, one of my little ocd quirks fun games I play with myself is using a different colored pen each day, and they are usually not the kind that work well with beads covering them. So, this little decoration is great, it slips onto the clip of the pen-of-the-day, and is my fun reminder all day long that I only work to buy more beads!
I'm thinking of making some similiar to this, maybe one with star beads at the end for my work friend who loves stars!

P.S. This photo must have been taken on a Thursday. Thursday is Purple day.

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