Current Project at Work: Fan Pull

This project is one that came out of the morgue this year, as did "Growing Things", and another one I'm working on, which I haven't shared photos of yet. I decided earlier this year to go through and finish things. To be honest, I wasn't sure what this one had started out being. maybe I never had a clear idea what it was, but I pulled it out of hiding, since I wanted something for a while besides gourd (peyote) stitch, I thought I'd do a little bead embroidery. So when I took it to work here, I still wasn't sure what it would be. Sometimes you have to see it as it grows, to figure out what it is. By the time it got this far, I had decided it was either a fan pull or a rear-view mirror decoration, and it would definately have fringe. My friend, Reggie, said she loved these colors, and yes, she has a ceiling fan, so it is now a fan pull for Reggie.
I am having trouble deciding how to attach the beaded chain on to the finished body.

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Mandi said...

Well you definitely have a small following wondering how it will turn out. = ) Another idea I had just now would be to sew a metal ring to the top since I'm not sure how strong a peyote ring would be. I suppose you could bead around the metal ring to make it prettier. Just a thought, and I can't wait to see the finished product!