Finishing Things: Blinders

Another thing in the started-a-long-time-ago catagory is my bead embrodery eye blinders. When I was in college, I worked at the local donut shop (yes "time to make the donuts") where we worked pretty much in the middle of the night, so I needed to sleep some days. I used several things throughout that time to keep the light from waking me up, including scarves, towels, and a cheap pair of eye blinders that I had gotten free somewhere. These cheap eye blinders were the inspiration to make a cool pair of beaded blinders, though I don't think I actually started them until a few years later. I think I started them after or around the same time as this because the pattern on the pin suggested beading onto pelon and then sewing the pelon onto ultra suede, which worked fine for the pin, but got me off track on these blinders, as I wasn't sure what to do next after I had part sewn on to the ultra suede, I didn't want the string to be on my eyes, did I?
So in the finishing process, I realized that I needed to change dircection. The ultrasuede would be better next to the skin, and I'd find some other material to attach the embroidery to. That would also allow me to add more beads. Can never have too many beads, right? And I could add a layer of padding between the two layers for more comfort. Now this is becomming a great idea.

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