PodCasts: CraftyPod #30

Since my new love is Crafty Pod Casts, I will start posting on specific shows that were meaningful, particularly inspiring, &/or just gave me more great ideas. (And I'm patiently waiting for Blogger to give me the new beta, so I can have tags!!)
Lots of very cute ideas, like collecting patches on your trip and attaching as you go to your jacket or bag, making earrings from keychain souvenirs, and visiting local craft stores in the towns you visit. I would add to that, visit the thrift stores, too!
But my favorite idea from this podcast was the lunchbox idea. Sister Diane mentioned taking your supplies with you in a lunchbox, it's portable, and the perfect size for just a few things. Now, I've mentioned before that I like to collect and use tins for my beading projects, so when she mentioned lunchboxes, it was kinda a viola! moment crossed with a "DUH!" moment. (Do you ever have those--the 'why didn't I think of that?' moment)
So I used one of my breaks at work to walk over to the thrift store, and I found three great lunchboxes! One is a great size, and I will re-do the outside, one it little and tiger-striped, and the third was the coolest lunchbox I've ever seen: Scooby-Doo in a Monster Truck! Isn't this the coolest lunchbox!?! Rooby-Rooby-Roo! And so much way cooler since I only paid 75 cents for it! I feel like I won the lottery or something when I find something so cool at the thrift store.

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