My New iPhone...so far so good

Since I'm having fun being a NEW iPhone owner, I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the apps I am enjoying, and which ones I am finding useless. LOL
The apps that came with it I'm organizing as I go along, and finding new ones, on the cheap, of course. (hashtag thriftyhippie)
I'm organizing according to use, first page is most often used. Bottom dock I like to only keep three so that I have an empty spot there to easily move apps around. Just stick them there temporarily to move to whatever page you decide to put them on.
Also three is a magic number. (hashtag schoolhouserock)
The first apps I downloaded were TCB takin' care of business apps-my bank and my carrier. Then I downloaded Instagram. I had already decided since I want to use my new camera, I mean iPhone, to share cool photos, I would start with Instagram.
And to go with Instagram, I downloaded a bunch of 'sample' apps, to do things to the photographs. I've been having fun putting words on some, coloring some, filtering way too much probably, making faces, and experimenting with lots of stuff.
My favorite so far, and the first app I actually spent money on for my new iPhone, is Snap Collage. I love the interface, you can just click on a bunch of pictures, and the app shows you all the cool collage versions you could use. Just scroll through until you see one you like. Let the app put the pix in for you, or decide where you want them. And you can change each individual photo, if you want.
This app seems very easy for the 'creatively challenged' (hashtag nosuchthing), simple and easy to use, but also not overwhelming. The free version has enough options to choose from to decide if it's for you or not.
Other things on my first page of apps:
two more I've actually paid for the upgrade; Daily Monster and Pottery. More on those another time, maybe. The rest of the Photography apps (actually, I just pulled out the Snap Collage for the photo). If a sample app is good enough to be a commonly used app, it will get bumped up, this folder is my current favorite apps to use on photographs before I Instagram them. A couple are already almost on their way out, I shouldn't have to get out a stylus to make a button clicck!
I still haven't connected my cloud (kinda still not sure how to use my cloud), so put the free versions of two of my favorites from my iPod Touch, still in use; Grocery IQ (altho, I may try out other grocery apps if they are also pantry apps, I just am used to this one), and Ambiance, my favorite sleep noise app. (I took my new iPhone to bed with me for the first time last night-LOL)
The BlogGo app because there is no app for Blogger, and a Roku Remote, because the tiny Roku remote is lost somewhere right now. LOL

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