Lucy as Three Wise Monkeys

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So check out my silly pictures. 

I was watching Face Off, and on the third round of the gauntlet challenge, they had to create three make-ups, one each for Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil. That reminded me of a set of toys I thrifted, so I thought I'd share them. 
Three Lucy dolls, with moving arms, shoulders, and heads. Got them for under five bucks.
I arranged them in the same three, you'll have to squint your brain a little to get my jokes.
Hear No Evil, first Lucy, is making a face like she just heard some horrible gossip and she's thinking 'why did you say that?'
See No Evil, middle Lucy, has a devilish grin, because what she shouldn't have seen made her blush, probably when someone's pants fell down. 
And Speak No Evil Lucy, well, that's probably Usual Lucy, that's clenched fist and jaw trying not to say a bad word. She's just a kid, she needs to keep it clean. ;p

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