Deep Dreamin'

Sorry that I sometimes just post a photo or a link without much info. I just get excited to share!
Here is more info:
This is a cool, weird, artsy website that my fella found online and turned me on to. You upload your own photo (and it doesn't have to be a good one!), click a few buttons to make it into a piece of surreal art, which you can download,* publicly or privately.*
There is also a Mac program that does a bunch more stuff (he purchased his in a bundle so we don't know the exact price). I've had fun playing with the free online part!
*You do need to make a profile and log in to be able to do some things, I didn't play with it without a profile.

Here's the link: Deep Dream Generator
Here's my gallery: seeshellsdreams
Go have fun!

Deep Dream'ed Photo
Original Photo (for comparison, it's a crappy photo)

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