I collect tins, especially candy/mint tins and lunch box tins, and I don't just collect them, I use them. Most of my tins have supplies or a project inside. This tiny tin was full of tiny mints in a con package a while back. I anticipated some great project would come out of this.
I covered the top (and bottom, but that didn't stick) with polymer clay to cover the advertising and to make it my own. This poly clay is the cane I made back in November, smooshed together and run through the pasta machine.
So what would I put in something so small??
Now I realize that I should have put something in the pictures for reference. Again, silly me.
It's about two inches long, and about one inch wide, and just under 1/2 inch tall, by my guessing without it close to me at this moment.
So with those measurements, what project or supply could I possibly put into this tiny tin??

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