And after being worn a while...

Can you see the wear and tear on these ? This is after being worn for approximately six months. I searched back through my iPhoto, to find a picture taken right after they were finished, just to see when I had started wearing them, and looks like I forgot to take a 'finished' photo.
Typical shells. I take a bazillion pictures during part of the process, and forget to take a 'finished' photo. Silly me.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, I'm using this pair (set?) as a trial, seeing what needs to be changed. I wear them every night (necessity really IS the mother of invention), whereas some folks who might want to buy a pair, might only use them once or twice a week, like The BFF, who's pair has held up very well.
See how the turquoise fleece in the back is kinda scrunching around to the front? I think I might need to cut the fleece a tiny, tiny bit smaller than the felt, to prevent this. It may also depend on the kind of felt, which I will need to pay more attention to.
The elastic part is a child's headband, which I discovered is maybe close to an inch smaller than the adult headbands I have found. That definitely caused the pulling at the temples.

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