In the worldly knowledge of my twilight years (hah), I have come to realize that most things I find as road blocks, things I have troubles with, even though it sure feels like, at the time, that I am the only one who has ever had this problem, that I am not so egotistically unique.
What I am alluding to here is what I've decided to call Organization Avalanche. When trying to do one thing, only makes you think of ten things you need to do first, and, of course, when you start to do one of those things, that gives youten more things for each of those things (it's a Potsie scheme)!!
I'm trying to give mouth-to-mouth to this blog, and have decided to post old photos along with my ramblings, but all my old photos weren't tagged on the new computer. (and the 'new' computer has only been here for half a year, you'd think I could'a gotten that done by now!)

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