Long & Rambling #X

Where to start? I imagine several long, rambly, possibly TMI, probably incoherant posts, bringing this blog back in line with my brain, so I may as well just jump in wherever.
For my birthday, my wonderful BFF got me an iPod Touch. He's been enjoying his for a few months now, has come to find it invaluable, and knew that I would fall in love with one, too. My birthday, for those playing along at home, is five days before Christmas, so I haven't quite had my new tool for a month yet, but yes, I love it, and I am writing right now on it. (with it?)
And with a new tool, comes new commitment, maybe even new inspiration, and I will be able to get the words out of my head while they are fresh, and not have to try to recreate a thought or feeling hours or days later, when I finally feel that I have the right amount of time.

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