No More Excuses

Well, the whole not-posting-because-I-can't-get-photos-uploaded issue is finally solved! Our new computer arrived this week, and photos will be aplenty!
I'm trying to make a point with our new computer to use it for good, not evil. ;p Meaning I want to do artistic things with it, and not just games or time wasters. So last night, I did the first tutorial on our art program Art Rage.
There was one point in the tutorial that it gave a couple paragraphs of directions of what to do if your drawing didn't fit on your screen...well, that's one problem I WON'T be having!
And a funny parental moment happened, well, a couple moments. Both kids saw me working on the tutorial and had very different reactions. The Artist Extreeme, when realizing that I was working from instructions, gave me grief, 'why are you doing what they're telling you to?', he the ever do-it-yourself artist. To which I explained that I was using their tutorial so that I could learn my way 'round their tools, but that didn't convince him. The Rawk Star, on the other hand, was very impressed with this little bit of art, to which I had to fess up that I was tracing their photo, using their instructions, but he was still impressed, his tracing 'looking like a mess' according to him (but I know that was an exaggeration).
I'm thinking that I might make a kind of on-line Art Journal about learning the Art Rage program, still thinking about how and where I would do that...maybe just another blogspot site, dedicated to only the Art Rage art? Whaddya think of that?

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