Due to me not reading the free pass correctly, The BFF, The Artist Extreeme, and I did NOT go to the local zoo as planned yesterday afternoon. And would you believe that the free pass only expired the day before! Arrrrgggg!
So we were still set to go somewhere, and we checked out a few local things on the web to see what we wanted to do, and we all agreed on the Sheldon Memorial Art Museum. After finally finding a place to park, we weaved our way through all the new students finding their way around the downtown and campus area to get to the museum.
There was a very cool video installation, and of course, the permanent collection is great, but the best part for us, was the sculpture/multi media exhibit by Elizabeth King. Sculptures of her face, most about 1 /4 size, with blown glass eyeballs created by another artist, were so life like, I kept expecting them to move. Hand sculptures carved from wood, with animations of them actually moving, with stop-frame photography. Just breathtaking all of it.
One of my favorite parts of this phenomenal exhibit were her sketches of how to make the figures, even cut out with paper, now that's an art journal page! And there was a display case of antique dolls and figurines that the artist has collected to help her explore how her predecessors made their art.
Very inspirational indeed.

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