Swirly Start

Swirly Start
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And here is the beginning of my current practice project. Working with the verigated yarn makes it fun to see where the swirlies will go. I am still just playing it by ear, and did have to frog back to about here when I started doing the hackey sack thing again, only much larger. I've worked on it some since this picture, and it still has the possibility of being a hat! I keep trying it on every round or so, to make sure it's still coming close to what I am wanting.
The binder clip is to remind me where I started the new stitch. I guess that would be a place for a 'stitch marker' which I've heard of, but I have no idea how to use. ;p

And a couple more Hooker Links:
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Crochetville A forum I joined
Crochet Partners Yahoo! group that I'm pending in...
If you have any more cool crochet links, let me know! TIA!!


River Glorious said...

Well, looks like you're making single crochets. And... it looks nice! Seems like you're going to be designing things soon, and I say, "GOPHER IT!"

paperpest@gmail.com said...

Welcome to Crochet Partners. I also bead.