Hat or Hackey-Sack?

Hat or Hackey-Sack?
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My plan to teach myself to crochet by ear started officially with this blob. My mom brings home leftover craft supplies sometimes from their volunteer work, and there was almost a full skein of nice practice purple. How my plan was going to work, was that I was going to just crochet along, and end up with a cute hat. Stop laughing at me! ;p
The purple blob did start out ok, the kids teased me that I was making a coaster. But it was round and getting bigger...and then I 'discovered' a new stitch, which pulled my little coaster thingy into almost a hackey sack. Which, if I could figure out how to close it off, would have been ok, it's just practice after all.
I started over with some verigated yarn, and frogged this little mess.

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