Size DOES Matter

Purse size, that is.
So a few months ago, I decided I was tired of carrying around a twenty pound purse, and shrunk my bag down to mini-sized. This has been working great for most things, I got all the essentials to fit in a glorified wallet with a long handle. And a small purse can only hold so much, I can't keep shoving more crap into it like I did with all the big purses I have owned. But one thing I do not have room for is my camera! I used to carry my camera with me all the time, except that block run to the grocery store. So any time and every time I saw a great shot that needed to be taken, I always had it with me.
I've been compromising by carrying my camera with me in my bag o' crafty crap that I haul to work with me. I leave it at my desk during the week, and home on the weekends to download any crafty shots, and restock my supplies. So my camera ends up being where I am not more than 50% of the time. Not good.
Today, I saw a great natural photoshoot on my way from the parking lot to the job. Not really enough time to run in and get the camera and run back out, the lighting would have changed, and there would have been too many people around by then. But the photos are burning in my imagination! I have to rethink the tiny purse, or get a spy camera. Something so I will not be missing my camera when the perfect photo hits me in my face!

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