One Boy's Christmas Present

Three sets of earrings
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Several days ago, my cousin who lives the next block over called to see if I could help him make a pair of earrings for his mom for Christmas. Of course! That would be fun. He is my first cousin, but a little younger than myself, just 12 (but all-of-a-sudden sounds like a grown up man), and I was pleased he thought of me, and thought of giving handmade!
We got together on the 23rd, conveniently after my immediate family had finished our gift day, and before his did. He brought over some pretty specific ideas of what he wanted, all based on birthstone colors, he being Sapphire, both his sisters being Emerald. Unfortunately, my current bead stash does not include any Sworoftsky crystals (his first choice) in those exact colors, and even more unfortunately, neither did the craft store we went to. For some reason, dark Emerald is hard to find in any kind of bead in a local store. Is it that unpopular, or just more expensive?
We found some crystals that would work, and some 'cat eye' or 'shadow' kind of beads, and a package of random Czech glass beads in our colors, but when the hard decision came of which one, or even two we liked best, then came the sweet question of 'couldn't we make all three, please?" So of course, we did.
He was a very good designer, and an excellent critic of color choices, and helped with some of the production as well. I hope his mom was happy with her gift, I know he and I had a great afternoon together making them (and playing a little Smash Brothers when we were done).

For photos of the individual pairs, click the photo and go over to flickr.

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