Zombie Dice Bag Teeth
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As I mentioned earlier, I took some felt and thread to the gaming convention to have something to work on. While there, I only got the eye socket sewn onto the dark green, but the next week, I got the whole project done.
When I started, I only had a couple Zombie faces in mind, wasn't sure what they were going to end up being. RawkStar suggested a dice bag, which was the perfect idea!
When I finished both Zombie faces, I sewed them onto a felt piece, after folding down the top and stitching to make a tunnel for a gathering string to go through.
"Teeth" is a Zombie who's face is falling off, and his teeth are showing through his face.

I'm not the only one embroidering Zombies these days... This awesome Zombie gal has been shown on some top blogs this week, and this guy is also awesome!

Zombie Dice Bag Brain
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This side of the bag features the Zombie "Brains". I did the brain stitching in backstitch, and did the whole brain randomly.
When it was mostly done, ExtreemeArtist gave me the idea to make a dangling eyeball. I'm very happy with how that part turned out. One strand of grey embroidery floss, and three of red, connected the eyeball to the face, and I used a macrame weave to make the cord that attached the dangling eyeball.

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