The Next Felt Project

The Next Felt Project
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When I finished the Zombie dice bag, and especially because I finished it so quickly, I wanted to keep up the momentum and start something new right away.
I didn't have anything planned, only a couple things I am still designing, that would take too long to start. Well, I've always wanted to make a crafty, kitchy, cutesy tissue box holder for my work desk, so I thought I'd jump right into that.
I checked at home for a pattern, just for the size of the squares, but I didn't find anything in my quick search before work. Somewhere in there, I realized that I could just measure the tissue box on my desk and figure it out myself. Duh!

Yellow Felt
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So still in get-something-started mode, I looked at the felt that I had, mentaly measuring to see what color or colors would satisfy my embroiderlust. I had gold and yellow, each enough to make two sides of the box, and an orangy-gold for the top, and leftover bits of all three for decoration, whatever that was gonna be.
I've done the random bead in a beaded blanket stitch, and liked the results. I did the finger puppets and barrettes all with random regular (can't see through them--what's that word??) beads, but I had random transparent beads, too. So I mixed a bunch of the transparent and a bunch of the, er, non-transparent beads into this little mint tin.
(Note to my fellow tin collecting folks: Walgreens sugar free intense wintergreen flavored mints. Also in red in cinnamon, but I haven't tried those yet. Good mints, awesome little tin!!)

Close Up
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I used all the random browns, oranges, reds, yellows, and golds that I could find. In the sets of cheapo random beads, there were several of each.
Most of my beaded embroidery projects so far, or maybe all, I've used a contrasting color for the blanket stitch, to make it stand out more. On this project, I decided to use a similiar yellow/gold-ish color on the whole project to tie it all together.

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