Welcome Collage

Welcome Collage
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The first of a set of functional collages. Created at work, for work. I've been interested in exploring collage recently, and actually have been working on this piece, and the rest that go with it for several weeks, on the breaks at work that I just can't stomach working on the 'thing for etsy' anymore. I love picking through magazines with the sole purpose of cutting them up! My guy gets EW (among other mags, but this one is easily disposable), and he gets me House Beautiful, so most of the images I've come up with so far. I love finding color, texture, and patterns. And cutting out the letters makes me feel like I'm sending a ransom note!

The background image, if you can't quite tell is a couch that was in two pieces because it was at the binding. I liked the idea of the couch was welcoming, but didn't quite match up, to show an off-beat kind of welcome.

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