Stats-N-Comments: The Intro

Feedback. We all love it!
We appreciate it, but we don't all handle it the same way. E-mail responces to each commentor? Comment on their comment? I have decided to borrow a great idea that I see on one of my daily-read blogs, My So-Called Strife. He does a Friday Feedback post, to answer comments. I love this idea, and have been considering doing this for a while now, despite the fact that I have way fewer comments than he does.
Another bloggish thing that I have always found interesting is how people get here. It's interesting to check your stats and find a strange search or to discover you've been linked somewhere. On my old blog I kept getting search hits from people misspelling 'Dahrma' (as in the tv show 'Dharma and Greg'), because I misspelt it that same way.
So I have decided to add a little feature here to share some of my interesting searches, and answer some comments.
And off we go...

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