Ten on Tuesday

10 Interesting Websites You'd like to share
  • The Thing Of The Day My other blog, that I do with my guy. Every weekday, we each post a Thing.
  • FixYa New to me today. A cool site where people can give advice on how to fix things.
  • Crafster Craftopedia Crafster is an awesome crafty forum, and the craftopedia has tons of info on every craft imaginable.
  • Post Secret A collection of secrets written on postcards. They are funny, touching, scary, and inspiring.
  • WikiHow A Wiki Encyclopedia of how to do anything.
  • Game Table Online You can play cool board games solo or with others online. And they are still giving away free lifetime memberships!
  • Etsy The online store for selling arts and crafts. I plan to be opening my own shop there soon.
  • Creative Whack From "A Whack on the Side of the Head" by Roger von Oech, the King of Creative Thinking. Hit refresh for a fresh Whack.
  • The Cute Project Sometime almost too cute for even me! The most adorable photos of cute animals. When you need an 'Awwwweeee' moment.
  • Grow-a-Brain A blog full of cool links in fun catagories. A daily must-read.
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