Crafty Family

In my family, hand made things have always been treasured. There have been times, when it's felt embarassing to have not planned ahead enough, and to have to actually have to buy something for a gift.
Since my folks have been going through some of their old slides and making the photos digital, I've been noticing the cool crafty things in some of the pictures. And I have things in my home that were crafty gifts. So I had the idea to kinda collect the crafty goodness in a photo group, and also to write my history with crafting. I'll write bits of my history as I go along.
Lots of my family on my mom's side was in town this week, and we were congregating at my Grandma's, and I looked around, and saw sooo many cool crafty things. Things that Grandma has received as gifts over the years, things Grandma made herself, and some that Grandpa had made, too. He was quite the woodworker.
I intend to add many more photos, and stories to go with, but this new flickr set is a good start.

Check it out here.

My creation

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