The Craft of Sleep

I had a great dream last night. A crafty dream extroidenairre.
I've been listening to Craft Cast with Alison Lee (podcast review to come soon!) and on the episode I was listening to yesterday, she and Daniel Vosovic (from Project Runway) got to talking about the movie The Science Of Sleep. I just watched it myself last weekend! They were talking about the part of the movie where the main character was mixing up a recipe of sorts to 'make' his dream. I remember loving that scene, too, it was so on target. The ingredients he was throwing in the pot included things rattling around in your subconscious, random things you saw/heard that day, and various other random or familiar bits. Having this dream last night, after just seeing the movie last weekend, and just hearing Alison and Daniel talk about it yesterday, was so cool. It was a perfect blend of things I had recently seen or heard, people I knew, situations I would like to be in, and great ideas.
Here's the dream:
My whole extended out-of-town family and I were going to a giant craft fair / flea market type of thing. And I do mean giant. It was in a very large building, possibly a school. Actually, I think it was the community college my brother just graduated from, several large rooms at the ends of long hallways, with lots of medium sized rooms along the way. Some rooms opening into the wide hallways, or into each other. In the dream, every room or section of hallway was a different style of art or craft. And every manner of supply you could imagine. Not just the church basement craft fairs that are prevalent around here, but more art. More extreme. More retro. More kitchy. More dark and gothy. More fun. (Like all the wonderful sites that I like to visit for inspiration.) One room was painted toys. One room Latin art, lots of Frieda Kahlo and Crafty Chica kinds of things. One room all manner of piratey things, crocheted hats and parrots, skull and crossbones on silk purses, and a coat tree made with hooks.
One room had all sorts of rocks and minerals, in the form of beads, or pendants, or larger for wall hangings. Some were being sold as supplies, some already made into fantastic sculptures and the like. The whole room was dark but sparkily and even the walls were covered with gorgeous rocks, it was like walking into a geod.
There were more things in the dream than I knew I could ever remember, but I just soaked it all in as best I could. The feeling was very empowering. This was the right place for me.
In one hallway a table was set up where a random person that I know (the clerk at a mom-and-pop store I frequent) was selling colored sand. There were huge piles of sand just all over the table, and the floor surrounding, and (only because this was a dream) none of the colors were mixing with each other. Since I knew this guy, I went over to say 'hi' and I saw that he had made a wire chair. The chair was about two feet high, and made completely out of wire. Thicker orange wire was spiraled for the legs, and thin tan wire was woven for the seat, and for the life of me, I can't remember what the back was like. The wire was the kind of wire I have collected over the years, colored electrical wire that I have a couple boxes of.
I was close to waking up at the point that I was looking at the chair. It wasn't for sale, so I was examining it to see how I would make one similar, and I knew I was close to waking up, so I made a mental note to remember the chair. Before the dream ended I had to run back to the geod room to buy three black stones. I don't know what they were, they reminded me of coal, but they were polished.
And then I woke up. Excited to think about making a doll-sized chair out of wire, and wondering where I could go buy a few nice black stones...

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