Felt Finger Puppet

Felt Finger Puppet XCU
In my new love of felt and bead embroidery, I decided to make something useful. Finger Puppets! I'm really loving putting different colors together, the felt itself, the embroidery thread, the beads. And again, I was able to start something without buying more stuff! "Finishing things" is a theme I'm trying to keep up, and now "using what I have" is also a theme. I had a bunch of felt from a puppet set I bought the kids a long time ago at a thrift store. It was an awesome puppet set, two or three blank puppets, with parts you could put on with velcro. Whoever had the set origionally, bought a bunch of felt, and made several more spare parts, so the leftover felt was in the box, too. At the time, I didn't see any use for the felt, but kept it just in case. The embroidery thread is left over from my counted cross stitch days. And the beads are some cheapo ones someone gave me once, that I thought I'd never use because they were so cheapo. But they work perfectly for the randomness of the felting.
On the "using what I have" theme, I will want to add more colors of thread and/or felt at some point. Since the thread is from when I actually did counted cross stitch, they are specific colors that were purchased for specific patterns. And they are not all colors I would use a lot of. For example, I have about 13 different shades of brown. ;p Well, I'm going to see if I can make some trades with some of my crafty family members. Browns would go well in scrapbooking or altered books, wouldn't they Auntie A??
Felt Finger Puppet Standing Up

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Anonymous said...

Auntie A does NOT want to make a trade as she is the down-size phase of her life. She would, however, be estatic if you would request items to bring or mail to you 'for the cause'.
C U in 4 sleeps!