Review: Crafty Pod

Let me start this review with a confession: Crafty Pod is my absolute favorite pod cast. There I said it.
First of all, our Pod host, Sister Diane has a wonderful voice, very calming to listen to, and professional sounding. She creates a biweekly podcast, that is usually right around 15-20 minutes, a perfect length to be able to listen in one break at work, and listen to over again anytime for an extra pick-me-up. They may be short but they are packed with so much information, interview bits, links, projects, ideas, that you can hardly believe it was that short. There are always bonuses on the site, and she's recently added a regular blog, so there are great posts of extra things that didn't make it onto the podcast. She's covered everything from buttons to felt, and has great podcasts of things to make for your cubicle, when you're sick, or on vacation.
P.S. The extra added bonus of the podcast? The adorible music. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom!

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Kansas A. said...

Okay Shells, I have to admit it: I have no idea what a podcast is...there said :) I work on computers, had my blog for over a year, and have surfed the net forever but have never heard a podcast. I know I sound like such a hick! I'm going to check out your links and learn, even at my age (42) I can still learn!
Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog :)