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Shell Earring One of the things I made this week. It seems like it's been a long week, of making things, and it's only the first week. I'm still working out, in my head, how all the pieces will fit together, but I'm thinking that this blog will be where I tell more of the story. Don't you love those shell beads? I think I got them as a necklace at a garage sale, but I don't remember. If I bought them today, I'd take a picture before I took apart the necklace. I also wish I could see how the beads went together before, they are so irrigular because they are natural, they were hard to get to go together. That's how I ended up putting the green beads in. The "sea green" beads, in case you didn't get the connection. I actually had to bend the head pin somewhat to get the green beads down inside the shells.
The earrings are a bit heavy, but just about right. I don't like it when I make earrings that are so light that they want to clip out of my ear. I have a bunch of these beads left, I'm thinking a nice bracelet. No, a necklace, with the green beads. Probably don't have enough beads for both. But I'll be on the lookout for more, that's for sure!

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