Review: Craft Sanity

There are four podcasts that I never miss: Penn Jillette's radio show, CraftyPod, Never Not Funny, and Craft Sanity. Possibly an odd selection, but I guess that kinda reflects my personality.
Craft Sanity is an in-deapth podcast, hosted by journalist and crafter, Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood. Each episode, she talks with a famous crafter, and I say talks with instead of interviews, because she definately adds her own perspective to each show. She is curious about everything, and asks wonderful thought provoking questions. Listening, I really feel like I'm getting to know the crafter personally, as well as getting to know Jennifer. Hearing other people's stories of how they got where they are is very inspiring to me, especially on those days when I'm feeling too old. (little funny quirk of the show, Jennifer always tells you everyone's age) And we get to find out all sorts of interesting side stories, too, which is what reminded me to write this post. Author Jessica Vitkus had awesome stories of behind-the-scenes at The Daily Show, which is one of my never miss TV shows. And on the latest podcast, which I just listened to last night, with cross stitcher Heather Holland-Daly, I learned that the head animator for South Park went to college here in Nebraska (he's good friends with Heather's husband who went to school here, too). Small world! Most guests provide a free project, and some bring a copy of their book for Jennifer to give away to her listeners.
If you're new to podcasts, and an hour (or more) seems like a big committment, look through the archives and start with a subject that particularly interests you. I find now, that even if the subject matter is not one that I would normally want to listen to, the interviewing and stories make it all interesting.
My rating on the Craft Sanity Podcast: Four Stars and Three Hugs! I would definately not be as sane as I am today without this wonderful show.

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