I can scratch part of one resolution off the list already! (The easy one)
I purchased the round Knifty Knitter looms today and some yarn, with the money Grandma gave me for Christmas.
My cousin, LK, was visiting Grandma over the holidays with her folks, and she uses a loom, too! She uses the small round loom to make scarves, and uses fun yarn, and they are georgeous. I had already planned on buying the round looms, but she inspired me to buy some fun yarns!
Michael's had a good sale on fun yarns, I got the ad in an e-mail. Some were $2 a skein, and some were $1 a skein, regular price $4.39-5.99. So I got two of three skeins, and three of one, I'm going to try to make a hat!
All the yarns are so cool, and interesting. I'm almost imtimidated about them, some don't look like yarn at all, in the tradional sence. And me being so new to the yarn lifestyle, these yarns would have been out of my league if my cousin hadn't recommended them, and if they hadn't been on sale! So happy looming to all, and to all a good night.

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