Knifty Knitting up a storm!

After scouring the internet for patterns, I ended up making the first scarf just like my cousin had shown me. She said two skeins of fun fur, in the round on the blue loom. It was an easy way to go, and it was very quick. The photo was taken one week after the scarf was started, and as of today, it's all done but the tying off. I have to go look up how to do that again. ;p
One great thing I learned this week is that I can loom while we game. We're big gamers in our house, me and all my guys. And I'm talking hard core "geek games", the kind you have to go to a specialty store to find, not the old monolopy kind. And it's always been a little hard for me that I can't multitask while we game, creatively, I mean. It's too space consuming to try to bead at the table, anything else would require more concentration than I can spare (in order to kick butt in the game!). But at a recent game convention, I saw someone with some hand stitching, and it made me think to try looming. It worked great. So if you are at a game convention somewhere and you see some geek lady looming, come say 'hi'.

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