"Alpha" Set

So here are a couple more shots of the first set of Dangles.
That's what I'm calling them so far. It's hard to explain to someone else what you're making when you don't even know what to call them. lolz
These are each individual Dangles, btw, easier to show them all together.
This is the "Alpha" experimental set, I tried three sizes; tiny (about 2-3"), small (about 5"), and ?? medium or perhaps regular size (about 8-10").
For the sake of the Alpha experiment, I made 8 'tiny's, 5 'small', and 3 'regular', just to see what lengths I like best.
A 'Dangle' is a mobile in a single strand.
A tiny Dangle might be used on your key ring, to designate your wine glass or water bottle, zipper decoration (not a zipper 'pull' per se, they are meant to be strong, but not necessarily strong enough to actually pull your zipper, just look nice), or maybe decorate your work badge.
A medium Dangle might be used as a rear-view mirror decoration, or to hang anywhere a sun catcher or mobile might be hung, the porch, the tree, the window.
And small might be either or neither. I'm still working on the sizes.
I'm also planning on making larger ones, maybe 13"?
Looking for any input. Thanks!

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