Middle Drawer

Supplies Drawer
Let's see...
Back row:
Coke tin full of embroidery supplies with embroidery hoop and roll of magnet tape on top.
Clear duck tape, regular transparent tape,
Purple plastic flip organizing thingy, with washers and hook eyes, and some plastic cord,
Paper hole/gromet set (in silver box) cheap-o set of craft knives (in black plastic box), stick on googly eyes, two 'healing' mats.
Front row:
Various supplies in zippy bags; super glues, WD-40, tool sets, nail polish remover,
Various tools, pliers, hole punches, matt and craft knives, small scissors, small clamp, glue,
Pencil sharpener, round stacked container with different sizes and colors of googly eyes,
Plastic container made from bottom of juice bottle with:
Cotton balls, cotton swabs, alcohol swabs, rubber bands, screws, hooks, paper clips, fishing weights, and any other small random stuff.
Behind the back row are a few empty zippy bags in various sizes, rolled up.

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