Bulletin Board Beginning

Burners Bulletin Board
Here's my "new" bulletin board. Re-appropriated from a kid's room board, I left some decorations (that were glued on very well) and added the circles.
Why the circles?
They are my "Burners" as in my creative stove. I get so many ideas, and some I don't want to forget, but don't or can't work on them right this minute, so I picture a stove and put some ideas on the 'back burners'.
I figured a physical representation would help my brain keep track, and I had been thinking of making a 'stove' of some kind. Of course, my brain came up with all sorts of complicated ideas first, but true simplicity was gain'd, and I decided to just draw the burners on the bulletin board. Two front burners and two back, like the stove I have now, but all the burners work on the drawing. ;p
This is situated above my computer desk. 

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