Finding The Need For The Bead

"Sometimes you find the bead for the need and sometimes you find the need for the bead."
This is a thought that I first had many years ago, when I was asked how to decide what beads to buy. There was a huge bead show, where they rent out a conference room in a hotel, and vendors buy space to sell their wares. I was planning on going with my saved up bead money. This was long enough ago that I couldn't find a large selection of interesting and diverse beads easily in person. There's always catalogs. Those wonderful ten pound catalogs. But there was less bead selection out there in the craft stores than there is today.
So I was excited for the upcoming bead show, and excited to be able to spend this saved up money (this was also a time when extra money was kinda scarcer for me), and I shared my excitement with my co-workers.
One co-worker who is an artistic soul and a crafty chick, but hadn't worked with beads before decided to check out the bead show, and I happened to bump into her while I was there. Which wasn't hard considering I was there for probably three hours. I showed her what I had picked out so far, and she spun around the room, a bit overwhelmed. "How do you ever decide what to get?"

That day I bought some of the beads that made up these earrings that I made last night. That day almost ten years ago. And a couple weeks ago I found the other beads in a local craft store. Both times, the beads just "called" to me. That I needed to use them. Sometime. And when I brought home the new beads, I spent an evening digging through all the beads I have (ok, only the ones that are actually organized, I'm sure there are more beads hiding here and there), and in the last container at the bottom of the stack, I found the beads from years ago, and realized they had to go together. And now I know what I bought them for.

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