Reflections on a Podcast

I get so inspired sometimes when listening to podcasts, similar to how some books give you a different perspective, and after reading (or listening), your view of the world has changed. One little insight, a connection, a couple words put together in a new way, an idea or just a spark, a moment of relaxation, something just right and somehow it hit me right when and where I needed it.
How I listen to podcasts is, I think, unique. I work as an Accountant (In real life I am an Artist, but my secret identity is an Accountant), not a CPA or numbers-crunchy type, mostly researching and rearranging numbers, but still something that takes a certain part of my brain. While I’m working, and using that logic part of my brain, my creative brain section is completely free, and often bored if not fed. That’s why I’m listening to podcasts most all day as I work. Since my creative journey at this stage of my life often feels like I am in a gathering phase than a doing phase, I appreciate the creatively inspiring podcasts tremendously!
I am always so very inspired by Craft Cast, it would take too long to list all the inspired things I have learned from the great Allison. The latest episode, with Kelly Rae Roberts is a great example.
As I listen, I have a notebook that I jot down notes or sketch ideas in, and here randomly are some of the things that were said &/or my reactions to what was being said:

“Creative journey” I love this phrase (see I used it in the paragraph above!) I have often thought of other parts of my life as a journey-spirituality, parenting-but I want to remember that my creative soul is on it’s own journey as well, and it’s the journeying that is the important part, not getting there.

“Expressing vulnerability” through creativity. I have had thoughts similar to this recently, and didn’t have words for it. It is something that I am not sure how to do, and I want to let myself go and see what happens.

“Quiet time” and “Listening to the creative soul” Having to pause the podcast to start writing this post, and having to put into words how I listen to podcasts at work, I was made aware that my most quiet time actually is during my work time. This awareness makes me think a couple things: find ways to utilize this quiet even more, and/or see if I can carve a space (probably both physical and mental) into the rest of my life where I can actually feel the quiet and listen.

“Butterflies out of the cocoon” The word I chose for last year was Emerging. As of right now, it is still my word.

“Walking through the ring of fire” Allison has said this before, and I love this phrase and the image (not to mention the great song) it conjures up, my interpretation ****

“Redefining balance” and “Losing balance is part of the process” A few years ago I had a phrase I decided represented my life at the time. Just about time I think things are going to get back to normal, I realize that normal has up and moved, and there’s no getting back there from here. When I was able to be ok with the truth of that, and even laugh about it, and take it in stride, I was able to move forward in the non-normalness of my life. And everything was ok. And now, I want to add the knowledge that losing balance is part of the process and I can redefine balance, just as I redefined normal, and everything will continue to be ok.

So that's just a few things that really struck me while listening to this fantastic Internet Radio Show. There were more wonderful moments, but these are the moments that really struck ME. Listen for yourself, and see what inspires YOU.

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