Creativity Today February

I like to think of February as 'habit' month. This stems from someone telling me once that it only takes 28 days to create a habit, 28 days of doing something, and it will become ingrained into who you are. And February has 28 days, usually. Plus, February is enough after the beginning of the year that it doesn't have to feel like a New Year's resolution, which are at such risk to be broken.
Of course, I know it's pretty arbitrary WHEN you do it, and I'm not sure if it's really 28 days, I've heard other numbers, but I figure I can commit to doing anything if I have a set amount of time, so I'll use February to try an experiment.
This year's experiment is to actually document how much time I put into creative endeavors.
See, I like to think that I am always being creative, that I do something creative every day. But reality is, life sometimes gets in the way. I don't have a dedicated crafting area, which means I can't leave things out, and in the evenings at home, it is sometimes hard to find or make the time to work on something. And I don't want to stress it so much that creative time seems like a chore!
That's why I use my breaks at work. Two 15 minute breaks times five days a week, that's a whole two and a half hours! I can get a whole project started and finished in one work week.
But I'd really like to carve more time for creative things, and actually USE the time I have better, so I decided the first step is to actually log how much time I am using for creativity right now. And see where the trends are. Kinda like a food diary or something.
So you may have already noticed that I am listing what creative things I'm working on each day. And I intend to do this for every day in February. And maybe in March, I'll figure out how to sneak in more time.
Plus, this is a good way for me to keep track of what specifically I'm working on. Right now, mostly just crocheting dishcloths. Which is great, but there's more I can do!
And yes, I consider my choir times to be creative times, too, even though, that's not specifically the artsy-craftsy stuff that I talk about here. It's a different side of my creative soul. Plus, it pads out the days when it seems I didn't do much.
So bear with me, or journey along with me, for my lame account of what creative time I spent each day.

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