Butt in Chair

I got my hands into some clay last night, for the first time in I don't even want to think how long. Of the myriad issues/excuses that have kept me from my clay, one has been space, and that has been a big one. Over the last few months, I have been working on the remedy, or at least band-aid, and have completely re-organized the cupboards by the kitchen table that were never really used for kitchen things anyway. The theory behind the clean up was to make it easy to get out the clay even for short periods of time. Because, time, as we all know, is the other major culprit to not getting to the creative things. So if these cupboards are well enough organized, I should be able to grab everything out and work even for 1/2 hour, and easily put things back. Last night, I finally tested that theory.
There was a new episode of CSI on, and I had the various things I 'needed' to get done, done. So I decided to commit the hour the show was on to the clay. It stretched to about an hour and a half, all told, but it was still very easy to pull out and put away. One tub for the current work. I wouldn't really need to get out any others when I'm very pressed for time.
And it felt soooooo good to get into the clay, there aren't enough O's in the world to convey. Even though the new brand I bought ended up being a bit stinky. Whew! But doing it nonetheless. I do think the "Creativity Today" helped kick me in the butt, when I had to, so many days, write the same "crocheted on breaks at work" crap.
I've had a few ideas of clay pieces to work on, but they are still in the idea phase. What I started on is an idea I had a couple months ago, and had actually bought a couple packs of fresh clay in the colors I needed, and some small barrette backs. I guess this is the organization of ideas, the newer ideas need to ferment inside the brain a bit more before buying or arranging supplies, the idea that is fully fermented can come out my fingers now. I like that.

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