Heart Dish

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I didn't think of myself as an 'artist' throughout most of my elementary school days. There were two or there boys in my class who would meticulously draw the most detailed cars, maybe one drew ships, but I was in awe of this talent. They drew realism, and were the same ones I had drafting classes with later in high school. They were the future draftsmen and designers whose artistic talent lay in the perfection of realism.
I have never been good at or interested in doing realism myself, and realized later that I was an artist, I am an artist, despite making things that are not photo representations.
I made this little dish when I was still in that period of my life of not thinking that I was an artist. I had just turned 10, and was much more interested in the literature we read that year, which included The Hobbit, and A Wrinkle In Time (if you've never read this book-go read it now!).
I don't remember the actual making of this dish, I remember that we wouldn't know what the glaze actually looked like until it came out of the kiln, which was very intriguing to me, the not knowing. I think, since I didn't consider myself an artist, I didn't care so much about making it perfect or symmetrical, but the asymmetrical-ness was what I realized I really loved about it.
I really think that creating this particular piece helped me start to see the artist inside me, the artist who isn't about realism, but more about the beauty in asymmetry, the artist who doesn't need to know everything is perfect, but can experiment and play and be happy with the results!

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