A Few Of My Favorite Things

Even when I'm not actively creating (or feeling that way), I'm still gathering ideas, reading blogs, watching flickr streams, being inspired. I have 113 Blogs linked in Bloglines, with over 22,000 posts still to read in the Creative/Artsy blogs alone! (I think, unfortunately, that I need to pare down that list a bit)
One of my favorite creatively inspirational blogs to read, or rather look at, because it is the magnificent pictures that draws me, is Animation Backgrounds. Animation is a wonderful art form, and Rob collects and posts some of the absolute most beautiful. Check out a couple recent posts that floored me: Hyde and Hare, one of my favorite cartoons I remember from my childhood, and The Lion King, a family favorite from my children's childhood.
I'm happy to see my felting hero's blog Bugs and Fishes is up posting again after an internet issue. She makes the coolest pins and things from felt, and inspires me on many levels. Check out her Etsy shop too. Her felt mustache disguises were featured in a Craft magazine! The photo of the blond mustache is one of the best photos of a craft that I have ever seen!
And I have to admit, I have a new infatuation! I am completely in LOVE with the kitchy dollhouse Dizzy Heights made by Rainbow Mermaid. I have collected miniature things at different times in my life, mostly in combination with specific dolls, but she combines so many different things together, it is sooo cool. I have acquired a taste for Re-Ment mini things, and I may have to start collecting them, or watching for them on eBay. She has a wonderful Etsy shop, too.

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