No LYS Luck

I didn't manage to make it to the LYS before it closed yesterday. Waaa. I had a sneaking suspicion that it closed strangely early, like 4:00, the whole little mall-thing that it is in closes early. I was right, unfortunately, and after picking up Rawk Star from doing tech for the play, I got to the window of the LYS about 10 minutes too late. There were people still inside, but the door was closed, and I wouldn't be a quick purchaser, not having any clue what to look for, so that will be my project for next Saturday.
I did hit the Hobby Lobby though, and had some fun there. I touched lots of yarns, looked at lots of different hooks. I discovered that some completely non-natural fibers do feel a lot like cotton, I've already found a preference for the cotton feel, and I noticed on the hooks, that some just looked stupid. There were some big chunky plastic hooks that looked like they would catch on every stitch. The glass ones were intriguing, though, that may be something to put on a wish list at some point.
Since I missed out on the LYS, I had decided to just get some more Sugan'n Cream cotton to practice more dishcloths. There was also a sale on some Yarn Bee yarns, and I couldn't resist a $4 discount, and got two matching skeins that I have no idea what I will do with. Uh, oh, The Stash has started!
I also got some kato polyclay, because even though I'm completely obsessed with the new hooking hobby, my art goal is to work with poly clay again. I've never tried the kato brand, so I wanted to try it out.
More on clay another time, I need to upload photos!!

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