Me & My OCD

I really like to make plans, to have schedules. Sure, I can be spontaneous, but I like to be spontaneous within the boundaries of a schedule. OK, yeah, I know I'm insane.
To me it's more like Einstein always wearing the same outfit, he (supposedly) had a bunch of the same pairs of pants, the same shirts, etc, so he wouldn't have to make decisions that would take time away from his other interests. If I have my menus planned out, and then the shopping list, it saves me time at the grocery store and in the kitchen. I lay out my clothes the night before, partly so I don't wake up the night-working BFF, but also so I don't have to think about it in the morning. (And yes, I am starting to limit my clothing purchases to be a bit more Einstein-like)
So where am I going with all this? Well, at one point when the kids were younger, I had specific plans for each evening, art night, chore night, writing, game night. It was easier for me to get things organized, and they got into the routines some too. It was fairly easy when they were younger, elementary school, when their day ended long enough before 9:00, that I could actually sit down and watch a 9:00 show.
Of course, they grow, and we all change, and they have a lot more say in how to spend their evenings. But I still kinda like to have a plan. Just for me.
Art night with the kids was always Wednesday, and after they went to bed, I'd continue with my own projects. Now, with no studio space, I really feel like I have to plan the time, I can't just drop into a studio (or table) whenever I want. My plan is was to reinvent Wednesday night as Art Night (and report here to keep me honest), but as I'm getting ready for bed, I realize that various errands, phone calls, and television distracted me tonight. BFF says just plan to do two hours before the end of the week, I will try that this week. And I will report here. But I really want to have a specific day where I always set aside the time.
Am I just crazy?

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