Blast from the Past

Here's an old project I had never fully shared. A few years ago, I wanted to try to make a duct tape hat, and to start it, I decided that putting a strip of tape sticky side out, around my head would be a good base. Even sticky side out, it was getting stuck in my hair a bit, and then I remembered a recent gift my kids had gotten, this alien head lamp. (the word ALIEN is cut out, backwards, in the back of the lamp, so when you turn it on, the word shines on the wall)
Turns out, the alien and I have the same sized head. Whoda thunkit?
So I was able to use the lamp to create the hat, and display the hat. This is the hat I'm wearing in my avatar photo. It's a bit too hot to wear all the time! But I wore it to work once, on hat day, when I worked at an adolescent hospital, and it was a huge hit!
On the last couple episodes of Lime & Violet, they talked about ordering a display foot to photograph socks, that reminded me about this lamp. I may have to start taking hat photos on my friend here.

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