Swirl Hat in Progress

Swirl Hat in Progress
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Last Monday, at the Laundromat, I got to the point on the hat that I had to switch yarns. Even as green as I am, I could tell I wasn't going to have enough swirl to finish the whole hat how I saw it in my head. But I had some similar feel, similar weight, close-but-not-exactly-the-same-color purple yarn, so I had been planning the switch.
Here's what I had done so far: the very top of the hat is just a circular stitch, just increasing naturally as I went along, a natural spiral, that curved slightly. I tried it on, and frogged parts of it a couple times, until I had a kind of yamake in the right size. Then I switched to a different stitch that made a straight tube. This second stitch I really liked, someone mentioned on a group or comment that it looked like a single crochet stitch, but I did a single chain in between each one, so I don't think it was exactly a single crochet. (I'm going to try to draw what I did, if only for my own reference)
When I was getting to the end of the variegated yarn, and I could tell that I would be switching yarns right about where the brim was going to start, I decided to increase the last row. It ended up being two rows, but it was ok. So instead of skipping a stitch (on the previous row) when I did my chain in between stitches every time as I had before, I did the skip three times in a row, then didn't skip once, then skipped three, then didn't skip once.
That's where I was at the point of this photo. I don't think you can really even see that the last couple rows are increased slightly, but after the brim is on, you can a little more. But before I started the plain purple, I wanted to capture an in-progress shot. Which just happened to happen right while we were doing laundry at the laundromat (we had dryer issues at home). So not only was I crocheting in public, I was taking photos of my silly head in a half finished hat in public. I got some strange looks that day!

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