Project Runway

Another item in the category of sometimes-I-do-what-the-voices-in-my-head-tell-me-to (those voices being the wonderful podcasters of the creative podcasts I listen to), I started watching Project Runway this season. I don't watch a ton of reality television, and I guess I always thought that since I'm not much into 'fashion' the show wouldn't appeal to me much. But it's more than 'fashion', it's creativity in it's purest raw form. It's being inspired by seeing others working their passion. And I love the fact that the contestants are so varied in age (one is actually older than even me)! It's so cool to watch them deal with the challenges they are faced with.
I was terribly distraught the last couple of weeks when I thought the TiVo was plotting against me, and not recording it, but realized they were just on holiday like the rest of us. And last night, the newest episode recorded, so I love it (the TiVo) again.
Last night's episode was so inventive! They went to the Hershey's store, and had to make their outfits out of whatever they could grab in the store. The absolute cutest Kiss dress, pop art brown wrapper top, and licorice-used-as-food outfit ever! So neat to see how different they all thought through the same challenge.
So I was thinking about finding or making some similar sort of challenge. What if there was a group where we all had to use candy wrappers to make an outfit for a doll?? That gets my creative juices flowing! Maybe I'll just have to do it myself!

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