Dream Pin

Dream Pin
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The morning of the 24th, so Christmas Eve morning, I woke up remembering one specific dream. I was going through some things I had made, I think I was just moving them from one container into another (probably because I had been working on re-organizing all my beads). Or maybe I was just looking through all these things, maybe showing them to someone? (Hmm, the subconscious, sleeping me, was showing them to the part of me that would remember them?)
Anyway, there were a bunch of flat pieces, mostly pins, or maybe pendants. I've made so many pins lately, I have pins on the brain! I know there were at least a dozen pieces, but I only remember three clearly.
One was completely done in beads, a round part in the center, with an extra beaded piece on one side, the other side wasn't finished. In the center of the round part was an American flag, it reminded me of a necklace I made my mom many years ago. The fact that it wasn't finished didn't surprise me, and I had the idea that it had been partially finished for quite some time. (that, unfortunately, doesn't surprise me, either!)
The second piece was a felt pin, in these same colors, tan and black, but in a kind of representation of an American flag. Like three-five black stars on a tan background on one side, with roughly the same number of tan stripes on black on the other side. Not a perfect copy, but kind of op-art. I wondered in my dream if this was just artsy or if I was trying to make some political statement.
The third piece was this felt pin pictured here. That's right, I somehow dug my hand into my brain, and pulled this pin right out of my dream! More like, I drew it out that morning before I forgot, and when I had to go back to work later that week, I cut it out and embroidered it together. I thought, both in the dream, and while making it, that this geometric, simple, 'modern' looking idea would work well in multitudes of color schemes and shape variations.
After all of the trial pins I've made lately (and sorry I haven't shown you but a slight percentage of them yet), this pin idea I dreamed could be the one I make tons of and put up on Etsy.

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