And The Beginning of 2008

My Goals for 2008

  • Continue to research and create things for selling on Etsy. If it comes slowly, there's a reason. Enjoy the trip.
  • Work on Art Scout projects!
  • Really start the 'retro craft project'! A little at a time is fine.
  • Keep exploring, looking for inspiration, trying new things, and write about it. Don't be afraid to make mistakes!


  • Be a better blogger, so I can has cookie! IE: Blog more often, with more photos! And stop writing blog posts in my head, and forget to actually post them!!
  • Show appreciation for the podcasts I listen to and blogs I read by leaving comments!
  • Continue to improve my sidebar, my 'about me' pages, and other little projects that will make my blog more fun to read.


  • Work on first step of going back to vegetarianism: Reduce red meat intake.
  • Move my body more, maybe belly dancing?
  • Be more social!

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